Today on the podcast, Caralee Fontenele guides you through the ten steps to negotiate a property settlement without a lawyer.

Did you know it is possible to settle a family law matter without retaining a solicitor? Whether you want to engage a lawyer or not for your family law matter, it is important to attempt to open up the lines of communication between you and your spouse so that you can start to negotiate an outcome to resolve any family law disputes. Of course, not everyone can do this successfully – if they could, family lawyers would be out of business! Many people cannot resolve their family law matters without the help of a lawyer, but if you follow these tips, you may be one of the fortunate ones.

Every person going through separation and divorce hopes to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement without engaging lawyers. However, suppose you are successful in your negotiations. In that case, it is our advice always to get a family lawyer to draft orders for you at the end to finalise your matter correctly.

Today, we have ten steps to assist you in negotiating your property settlement without a lawyer:

  1. Write down your assets and liabilities at the time you and your partner commenced your relationship;
  2. Write down a list of all the assets you have now, no matter whose name they are in;
  3. Write down all the liabilities you have now as well; everything needs to be listed;
  4. Calculate your NET amount to determine what the property pool is;
  5. Ask your partner for any documents that you are unsure of. I.e., superannuation statements, etc.
  6. Try to reach a fair agreement for who will retain each property;
  7. Understand the differences and disparity to find the parts you agree/disagree on;
  8. Set time boundaries around negotiations;
  9. Reach a middle ground & attempt to finalise agreements;
  10. Go to a solicitor and get consent orders or a BFA drafted!

To listen to the in-detail explanations of each step, listen to the full podcast!

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