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About Dannielle Young

Dannielle is a Senior Associate and has practiced exclusively in family law since her admission in January 2007. Dannielle has always had a passion for family law and even commenced work experience in family law firms in her senior years of education and then took back up work experience in family law firms as part of her university studies. Dannielle studied at Griffith University on the Gold Coast and obtained a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) in 2006. Dannielle completed her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice in 2006 and was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and High Court of Australia in early 2007. Dannielle practiced at boutique law firms on both the Gold Coast and in Brisbane before operating her own practice from 2011-2016. Dannielle returned to work in private practice in 2016 and joined the ranks here at Collective Family Law Group in mid-2019 bringing with her a wealth of experience in all facets of family law.

Tips For Parents To Reduce Conflict and Reduce the Effect Of The Conflict On Children

 When going through a divorce it is vital to protect children from the long term effects conflict can have on them. Seeing two parents' emotions toward each other drastically change can be harmful and can mentally affect the livelihood of these children.Today, Senior Associate, Dannielle Young will be following [...]

The Effects Of Children Being Exposed To Disrespectful Separation – Podcast Episode 30

This week, Senior Associate, Dannielle Young talks about how devastating the effects of exposure to conflict and unhealthy relationships can be on children. There is qualified research that shows parents fighting and arguing affects children's mental health, and physical health - long term. It is vital for [...]