Today on the Divorce Collective Podcast, Caralee talks about the importance of being ‘Social Media Savvy’ during your separation.

Many people come unstuck when it comes to social media and their family law matter. We are navigating completely different times to say ten years ago, when it comes to separation, and it requires us to become smarter when it comes to our social media. 

Social Media can be a sore point when going through separation and divorce. It can trigger all emotions and make divorce that much worse!

As a family lawyer, Caralee has always advised her clients that it is best to stay away from social media or make sure you lock your social media down to ensure you are staying private. If this isn’t an option for you, consider using it a little more sparingly with more intention and attention to the type of content you are posting. 

Common in separation and divorce is that social media can cause a lot of jealousy with the other party and lead to people acting out. Living a separate life from your ex-partner can stir some emotions that often lead to further conflict. 

With that being said, protect your own emotions as well. Don’t look at your ex-partners account if you cannot cope with what you might see.  

Caralee shares six tips to being social media savvy through separation! 

  1. Minimise your ex-partner’s access to your social media. Block, delete, or restrict!
  2. Think twice before posting;
  3. Consider other people’s access (such as your ex-partners mates) to your social media. How much do you want them to know about your life?
  4. Keep your children safe and protected;
  5. Stay in your own lane, no stalking!
  6. Use social media to make productive and happy changes! Podcasts, forums, and quotes are the best!

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