Boutique Family Lawyers


A ’boutique law firm’ is merely a law firm that specialises in one particular area. Large corporate firms tend to have many different departments so that they can offer services in all branches of legal practice. Boutique law firms tend to be significantly smaller and tend to offer more personal, one on one relationships with their clients.

The boutique approach can be beneficial in any legal representation. After all, when you are hiring a lawyer, you always want to find someone who will keep you in the loop and who will give your case the attention it deserves. Hiring boutique family lawyers, though, is especially beneficial. Family law proceedings tend to be quite emotional and personal in nature. From divorces to child custody battles to estate preparation, cases in this genre of the legal profession can have great bearing on the personal lives and relationships of the client.

A firm of boutique family lawyers is well set up to serve these types of clients. There’s a peace of mind you will get when you feel like your lawyer truly understands your case and sympathises with your position. You won’t always get that feeling from a large firm because the lawyers simply may not have time to provide the individual approach necessary to provide it. At Collective Family Law Group, though, our small boutique firm is built first and foremost on positive attorney-client relationships.

Don’t count on legal representation from a person who you feel is strongly detached from your case. Instead, choose a more personal touch. Choose a boutique family law firm. Choose Collective Family Law Group.