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How do you Change Final Parenting Orders?

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When parents receive final parenting orders, often after consulting with a divorce lawyer Gold Coast, they might breathe a sigh of relief, believing that their custody and visitation arrangements are now set in stone. Life, however, is unpredictable, and unforeseen changes can sometimes throw a wrench in the best-laid plans. What if there’s a significant […]

Contravention Series Part 3 – Penalties!


In the last part of the contravention series I am going to talk about what are some of the penalties or sanctions that a Court can impose if a contravention application is successful. It will be important before filing a contravention application that you consider what result do you actually want. If you don’t want the […]

What to Expect At A Trial by Dannielle Young

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I covered What to Expect at a Trial in the latest episode of The Divorce Collective Podcast.   For those of you who prefer to read, here you go! While I hope you never have to experience a trial for your family law matter, the sad reality is that some matters need Judicial determination. So […]

Family Law Watch List (Airport Watch List)

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 NAVIGATING THE FAMILY LAW WATCH LIST: PROTECTING YOUR CHILD’S MOVEMENT In today’s mobile age, concerns about a child’s overseas movement are growing among separated or divorced parents. Especially when one fears that the other parent might whisk their children away, possibly disrupting settled lives and custody arrangements. The solution? The Family Law Watch List.  WHAT […]

7 Things to Know About ‘Consent Orders’

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If you’ve reached an agreement and are reading this, then a hearty congratulations! That’s the toughest part of the process, and you’ve come through it. You might be keen to finalise your property division and implement your parenting arrangements rapidly, but it’s crucial to enter into Consent Orders and seek the guidance of Gold Coast […]

Visiting Rights


The dissolution of marriages and de facto relationships involving children often culminates in either shared parenting or sole parenting agreement in Qld (also known as parenting plans). These plans typically facilitate quality time between both parties and their child/children. While most of these arrangements operate seamlessly, occasional disruptions may arise. One parent, for instance, might […]

The New Family Law Merger and System – Podcast Episode 34

Dannielle Young Podcast

On this week’s episode of the Divorce Collective Podcast, Senior Associate Dannielle Young dives into the impending reforms in the Family Law system, slated for 1 September. Family Law in Australia is on the cusp of significant transformation. With the landmark merger happening on 1 September 2021, this represents the most pivotal structural shift since […]

Tips For Attending Court


What To Do When You Attend Court. If you have never attended court before, you may not have a clue what to expect. Here are a few basic tips on what to do when you attend court.  Dress respectfully You do not have to wear a corporate suit; however, ensure that you are dressed for […]

Contravention or Breach of Parenting Orders

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Parenting Orders made either by agreement/consent or made by the Court must be complied with by both parties until the child turns 18. Unfortunately, we have seen many circumstances where one parent chooses not to comply with the Orders. The impact of the breach or ‘contravention of the Orders will depend on the severity of […]