Child Abduction

Child Abduction Australia

Collective Family Law Group have experience in international child abduction matters.

When most people think of ‘child abduction’, they think of sensationalist news stories featuring anonymous figures who snatch children off the streets. Unfortunately, the reality of child abduction is that it is often perpetrated by family members who do not have legal custody, but choose to remove the child from the local or state area, or even take them overseas without the requisite permissions. When this happens, it becomes a family law issue under the purview of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) and the Family Law (Child Abduction Convention) Regulations 1996 (Cth).

If your child has been taken from your care, or removed from the jurisdiction in which your shared custody order was made, then you may require the services of a child abduction lawyer. Collective Family Law Group, as an established law firm specialising in child abduction, has the resources and expertise you need to take action and get your children back home as soon as possible. Our lawyers will assist and advise you through this complex and stressful process from start to finish, treating your case with the sensitivity and respect you deserve.

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