Childhood alignment and rejection, often broadly referred to in the community as Parental Alienation, is a complex issue that is raised in many Family Law matters.

This morning our firm’s solicitors attended a workshop presented by Family Law Pathways Network where they were fortunate to hear from David Hugall, Regional Coordinator Child Dispute Services, Family Court and Federal Circuit Court. David is a Social Worker with 35 years of experience in child and family welfare, who since 1995 has worked in the Brisbane Registry of Family Law Courts and is currently the Regional Coordinator of Child Dispute Services for the Northern region.

An important issue highlighted for our solicitors was the difference between childhood alignment/rejection and realistic estrangement, including the important factors that may indicate which is applicable to each particular child and family circumstance. They developed their knowledge in understanding the dynamics of childhood alignment/rejection, the methods used in assessing factors that contribute to childhood alignment/rejection, and heard examples from David’s own work in undertaking assessments and facilitating changeovers for the Family Court.

David confirmed each situation will be unique to the particular child and family involved, supporting our approach in tailoring unique advice and solutions for each individual client we represent.

By attending valuable workshops such as the one attended this morning, our solicitors remain armed with the most current knowledge and the best tools to be able to assist our clients if this complicated issue arises in their Family Law matter.