Collective Family Law Group in regards to COVID-19

With respect to the national COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital for us to ensure that our staff and our clients are our utmost priority and will be acting to enforce a high level of safety. With that being said, we are hard at work on family law matters and still attending to all initial consultation requests. However, this will need to be altered due to the rapidly developing nature of  this virus.

We believe it is necessary, to ensure the well-being of our clients and staff, to adjust the number of attendees we have visiting our firm. If you would like to request an initial consultation, please consider whether it would be suitable to do this by telephone or via a Zoom conference call. Our lawyers and our administration team will remain working in our office for now, however in the event we are required to self-isolate, we are set up to work remotely. If you are a client of Collective Family Law Group we ask that you please restrict your visits to the office and email or telephone your solicitor where possible.

If you do need to attend our office, please let us know if you have travelled overseas in the past 14 days (or been in contact with anyone who has), or have been in contact with anyone who has contracted COVID-19.

Please contact us immediately if you fall ill within 14 days of attending our office as we will need to take appropriate measures.

The Family and Federal Circuit Courts have announced that appearances will be limited over the coming weeks, with urgent matters being given priority. If you have a matter with us that is currently in court, we will advise you of any changes to listing dates as soon as we are made aware of same.

We will otherwise be ‘business as usual’ unless we are instructed otherwise by the Australian Government.

It is vital that at this time to come together, support one another, be kind and stay calm.


Meet us to talk about your family law issues before committing to paying for any legal fees. We believe that this way, you can see if you are comfortable with our team and the legal strategy that we propose prior to making a financial commintment.