What Does a Family Lawyer Do – Ashmore, Bundall, Helensvale & Southport


Frustration is all too common for those trapped in divorce proceedings. Complex emotions collide with complicated legalese – and families find themselves unable to move toward closure, forced instead to suffer through prolonged processes. Every day reveals yet another signature, yet another fine-printed page. The details are impossible to master alone.
Collective Family Law Group suggests seeking help. That’s why we’ve assembled a dedicated team of divorce lawyers in Ashmore, divorce lawyers in Bundall, and divorce lawyers in Helensvale – connecting families to the experienced support and representation they deserve. We seek prompt (fair) resolutions, and we strive always to simplify every separation. No longer struggle with the judicial system – let us provide aid.

Collective Family Law Group: About Us

Since 2012, we’ve served as the leading divorce lawyers in Southport and beyond. Our team – led by Caralee Fontenele (formerly Caldwell), Solicitor for both the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia – emphasises family law, offering a variety of services (including property division, prenuptial agreements, domestic abuse cases, and more). We’re a boutique firm that promises personalised attention and superior care.

We also understand the challenges our clients face, with legal proceedings often proving difficult. To eliminate confusion – and promote more practical conclusions – our divorce lawyers in Ashmore and divorce lawyers in Bundall help families navigate the entire process. To learn more contact us today.

Seeking Divorce Lawyers in Helensvale and Beyond: Our Services

Since 2006, we’ve provided peerless support – with our divorce lawyers in Southport and beyond helping families achieve seamless resolutions. We enable our clients to understand their rights to joint assets, child custody, and prenuptial stipulations. We explain the legal process, ensuring that men and women are comfortable (and confident) with the choices they have. Through our boutique services, we dedicate ourselves to achieving the best possible solutions.

To schedule a free consultation with our divorce lawyers in Ashmore or Helensvale contact us today.

Seeking Divorce Lawyers in Southport and Beyond: Our Team

Superior service demands a superior team – and we’ve assembled an experienced collection of divorce lawyers from Southport, Ashmore, and beyond. We’re proud to provide our clients with the expertise of Caralee Fontenele (skilled in family law disputes and complex property disputes); Dannielle Young (skilled in mediation and advocacy); Danielle Karlos (skilled in children’s matters and negotiations); and more.

We’ve chosen each team member with the greatest of care, utilising their unique qualifications to create a comprehensive family law practice.

Redefine all Legal Proceedings. Trust Our Divorce Lawyers in Helensvale, Ashmore, and Beyond.

Divorce is a complicated matter. Collective Family Law Group seeks to resolve it with efficiency, effectiveness, and compassion. Our team provides sterling service for every client, helping them reach a satisfactory emotional, financial, and legal conclusion. To learn more (or to schedule a consultation) contact us today on 07-55-740-971 or admin@cflg.com.au.