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The choices seem without limit – arbitration, personal bankruptcy, intellectual property mediation, medical malpractice, civil discrimination, and even maritime injuries. The firm you’ve chosen to help your family through a difficult period seems to dabble in everything; and you wonder if this diverse collection of legal processes will somehow prove a hindrance, with divorce lawyers in Broadbeach dividing their schedules among too many specialities.

Collective Family Lawyers understands your concern – and we seek to counter it, offering you a boutique experience. We’ve chosen a single practice and we ensure that our clients receive personalised support, with our divorce lawyers in Mermaid Beach, divorce lawyers in Surfers Paradise, and divorce lawyers in Isle of Capri catering only to families. Through this, we deliver superior service and attention. To learn more contact us today.

Collective Family Lawyers: About Us

Founded in 2006, we’ve become a premier Gold Coast and Brisbane firm. Our team of divorce lawyers in Broadbeach and beyond recognise the challenges each client faces during both the separation and legal processes. This is why we strive to simplify all proceedings, emphasising dedicated care, and family-centric expertise.

To schedule a free consultation with our divorce lawyers in Mermaid Beach or divorce lawyers in Surfers Paradise send us an enquiry.

Seeking Divorce Lawyers in Isle of Capri and Beyond: The Value of a Boutique Firm

With extensive services comes extensive demands, with divorce lawyers in Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, and beyond forced to master endless legalities. This leads to a constant shuffle of client requirements, mediations, and courtroom appearances – and too often are the finer details overlooked in the frenzy.

With a boutique firm, however, families can achieve greater confidence in the legal system. By specialising in family matters (including prenuptial agreements, child custody arrangements, property division, and more), divorce lawyers in Mermaid Beach deliver greater focus. They apply their knowledge with precision and personalised care.

Finding Divorce Lawyers in Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, and Beyond: Our Commitment to Families

Since 2006 we’ve served as a family law firm, offering Gold Coast and Brisbane residents the support they deserve. Through the efforts of our team – led by Caralee Fontenele,  we’ve distinguished ourselves as leading advocates and mediators. We’re committed to providing each client with the help they need.

Searching for a Boutique Experience? Contact Our Divorce Lawyers in Isle of Capri, Surfers Paradise, and Beyond.

The law is ever-evolving and ever-expanding. Collective Family Lawyers, however, believes in a single principle: provide each client with impeccable service and tailored support. To schedule a free consultation with our team contact us today. You can request further information by using our convenient online form. Our team will gladly respond to any questions about family law (including both de-facto and same-sex legalities).