Our Gold Coast and Brisbane divorce lawyers can assist with the complications of divorce and separation

When a couple separates or divorces for whatever reason it is a difficult time for all parties involved. Not only do you have to divide assets and property accumulated throughout your time together, but this situation is further exacerbated when children are involved.

Whether the relationship ends mutually, or someone is left hurt, the process can be made more difficult when one party is not willing to cooperate.

That’s when divorce lawyers can help make the process much easier. Not only will you know where you stand, we will give you the respect and consideration you need in this already tough time.

Gold Coast and Brisbane divorce lawyers that put your family first

When children are involved in a divorce it can make the process a lot harder. There are a lot of decisions to be made at a time when a lot of changes are occurring.

When you choose Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast to handle your divorce, we give you legal advice in plain English, so no matter what choice you need to make, you are fully aware of where you stand and the possible outcomes of the decisions you make.

Separation, know what you are entitled to

Even without being married, a de facto relationship is still considered a valid union in the eyes of the law. So, separating assets, property and child custody can be quite tricky and complex. Our family lawyers can help you work out what you are entitled to and where to go next.

Divorce lawyers can get the process started

First and foremost, the law wants a couple to exhaust all avenues before reaching the stage of divorce, so there are a few conditions that need to be satisfied before you can apply for your divorce.

To start the process, you must be separated for a minimum of 12 months if the divorce is the be granted.

In the cases of marriages of under two years there are a few more conditions that apply;

You must either attend counselling in the hope of a reconciliation, if this does not reunite the couple, the counsellor must state that the session was held and the outcome was negative.

Or, you need to apply to the court for permission to divorce.

Without a divorce lawyer to assist, the process can be quite confusing and complex, making a tough time even more difficult.

Divorce and Separation lawyers on the Gold Coast and Brisbane make the process less painful

It can be difficult to come to a fair resolution. Not only have you built a life together that you need to divide, you have the emotions of the break up that can sometimes cloud your judgement. At Collective Family Law Group, we try and make family law as amicable as possible, whilst ensuring you get everything you are entitled to.

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