The ‘D’ word can be a scary word for some people. It conjures up images of arguments and disputes, broken families and lengthy courtroom battles.

But does divorce and an impending settlement need to go to court, or can things be settled in a less dramatic way?

We cannot avoid the Court completely as the divorce application needs to be filed online to the Court. However, it does mean you will not need to attend any divorce proceedings unless there is no arrangement with children of the relationship or your ex-partner does not agree that you should be getting a divorce.

What most people fear are lengthy court battles over the division of property and parenting arrangements. However, these two major matters involved in divorce and separation do not have to end up in a protracted courtroom drama. Truthfully, most family law matters are resolved without attending court and most certainly without attending a trial.

At Collective Family Law provides many pathways forward to resolve your family law matter, and where both parties that are willing to compromise, it is much easier to keep the matter out of the Courts.

The best outcome for our clients is that they are able to negotiate an agreement and from there that agreement is made into consent orders. This way the parties can move on without long protracted battles on their hands


Our law firm on the Gold Coast & Brisbane is here to assist you to come to an amicable arrangement where children and property are concerned. It is our aim to make the entire divorce process as easy as possible, without all the confusion and alleviating some of the stress of the situation.

We are experts in Family Law which include both parenting matters and property division.  We have helped thousands of people settle out of court which saves them time and money.

Divorce is painful enough without being subjected to lengthy court battles, so allow us to help you stay out of the courtroom. Seek legal advice with one of our highly experienced lawyers, and to determine your position and the options that are available to you.  We are renowned for being a sympathetic and understanding law firm, that’s why we specialise in Family Law.