Do’s and Don’ts of Separation

Navigating a separation or divorce can be a trying time, fraught with uncertainty. It’s essential to understand the steps you should take and those you should avoid to make the process less stressful. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind to ease your journey through the family law process.

DO – Understand Your Financial Situation
Before proceeding with a divorce or separation, ensure you’re well-versed in your financial status. Be aware of you and your partner’s income, expenditure, assets and liabilities, whether they’re in your name, your partner’s, a business, a trust, or joint names. This should include all assets, both within Australia and internationally. The clearer you are about your financial standing, the smoother your family law matter will progress.

DO – Cancel Joint Credit Cards
While it’s true that you may be entitled to half of everything your partner owns, this can also include credit card debt. To prevent the risk of accruing additional debt during your separation period, cancel any joint cards as soon as possible.

DO – Implement Joint Signatories
This applies particularly to large sums of funds or mortgage redraw facilities and offset accounts. It’s a measure to safeguard the funds in these accounts and maintain the money to ensure a fair division in the future without the risk of funds being disposed of.

DON’T – Share Intimate Divorce Details on Social Media
Publicising your grievances on social media platforms can backfire, especially if your ex-partner discovers this and can use it against you. Particularly when children are involved, maintaining discretion is crucial. Protect your privacy and keep communication lines open for negotiation.

DON’T – Criticise Your Ex-Partner in Front of Your Children
Your children love both of you, and being caught in the middle of conflict can be confusing and distressing for them. Keep any negative comments about your ex away from your children as it can cause emotional harm.

DO – Apply for Consent Orders
Even in the friendliest of separations where you’ve reached a mutual agreement about property division and parenting, it’s always wise to finalise your matter legally with the correct documentation. Without this step, you’re not legally protected and lack certainty moving forward.

DO – Seek Legal Advice
Obtaining relevant legal advice is paramount, even in the most amicable divorces. Knowledge is power. Here at Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast, we’re proud to be some of the best family lawyers on the Gold Coast and offer free initial advice to alleviate any concerns about procuring proper family law legal advice. Contact us today for your FREE initial appointment.

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