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Family lawyers on the Gold Coast & Brisbane that have your family’s interests at heart
Collective Family Law Group are a boutique Gold Coast & Brisbane law firm that can provide legal advice when you need it most.

No one ever wants to, or expects to end up in a legal battle when they enter a relationship, but if the time arises that you need legal advice, we are family law experts that can help you.

Legal advice on the Gold Coast & Brisbane that can help your family move forward
Divorces and separations are hard enough without trying to fight for what’s fair. Over the course of a relationship you build a life together, this includes accumulating goods, property and in some cases children together. When the relationship ends, it can become quite difficult working out how your life divides and who is entitled to what.
Getting legal advice early on can help each party understand where they stand and give them comfort that a fair resolution is being worked towards.

Our family lawyers can ensure that even the most painful and emotional elements of a break-up, such as child custody, run a lot smoother and a lot more amicably. With the children in mind, our family lawyers work with you to help you adjust to your new situation and bring clarity to where both parties stand. Giving you the freedom to move forward with your life without any confusion.

Our family lawyers give you your position in plain English. We won’t confuse you with legal talk, we tell you how your life will be affected and the best course of action to take. Our promise to you, is to ensure you know where you stand throughout the whole process and be available to answer any questions you may have.

Family lawyers on the Gold Coast & Brisbane that can give you discretion and sensitivity in domestic violence cases

Domestic violence is defined by the law in Australia, as any behaviour that is considered violent, threatening or that of a controlling nature that causes fear. Whilst the person responsible for the domestic violence is a person you know, a person you’ve potentially married, it is still a crime and our family lawyers are here to help you.

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence that needs protection, or you’ve been accused of domestic violence, we can offer discretion and give you clarity on your legal position.

Our professional and caring family lawyers can help you work towards the best resolution with our expert legal advice and years of experience.

For family lawyers on the Gold Coast & Brisbane that care

We’re here to listen, so call Collective Family Law Group lawyers, our expert legal advice can help give you clarity so you can move forward with your life.