Family dispute resolution on the Gold Coast & Brisbane that saves time, money and stress

When a relationship or marriage breaks down, it can leave the very complex issue of dividing up the life you’ve built together. Divorce or separation is an emotional time and getting the right legal advice is imperative in moving forward.

Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast & Brisbane provide a family dispute resolution service. When it comes to dividing up property, money, assets and most importantly child custody, it is cheaper, easier and less painful if parties can reach a fair and just resolution between themselves.

What is a family dispute resolution?

Essentially, family dispute resolution is mediation. It is a chance for ex-partners to get together to discuss the division of property, money, assets and most of all child custody before it gets to court. The mediator must be an impartial third party that is accredited in family dispute resolution, that assists with managing the process without bias.

Divorce/separation is a difficult time, made more complex by the division of goods, property and the sensitive issue of parenting arrangements. The most favourable outcome is for the parties involved to get together and discuss what needs to be divided, options to how this can be done, and an outcome favourable to both parties.

If both parties can come to a mutually beneficial and agreed upon outcome, it saves times, money and in many cases a lot of heartaches.

What does family dispute resolution involve?

At Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast & Brisbane, our lawyers will help you with family disputes resolution and will manage the process of helping you and your ex-partner come to an agreement on the division of money, assets, property and more importantly child custody.

Firstly, you will meet with our family lawyer separately prior to the mediation meeting. In this meeting, you will be made clear of the process and asked to think of what issues you would like to bring to the table. This clearly outlines what the mediation is trying to achieve and gives each party the chance to work out what is important to them to discuss and to get them to start thinking of options that they are open to.

If each party comes to an acceptable agreement, consent orders will be drawn up to formalise the agreement.

What if an agreement is not made, is family dispute resolution necessary?

If a favourable outcome can’t be reached you can only move to the next stage of applying for a parenting order through the courts under the Family Law Act, 1975, with a S601 certificate that shows that you have tried to the best of your ability to resolve the dispute prior to court proceedings. So, yes, it is a mandatory part of the process.

The only time a family dispute resolution is not necessary is in the case of an urgent application or domestic violence cases.

Is family dispute resolution private?

Everything discussed with the family dispute resolution mediator is private. No information from the mediation can be used in court.

The only time the information from these meetings can be used against the parent is if there domestic violence or abuse of any kind mentioned.

Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast & Brisbane want the best for your family

Our family dispute resolution service is a discreet, respectful and professional service, that gives you and your family the chance to work out an arrangement that works for you. By managing the process with sensitivity and understanding, we hope to achieve a happy outcome for Gold Coast  and Brisbane families.


We are committed to the efficient and prompt resolution of family law matters, in the most cost effective manner possible.

Not every matter needs to go to Court and we do our best to resolve all matters outside of the Court.