• Divorce collective podcast episode 11

    The Four Step Process Outlined – Podcast Episode 11

    ,      Listen up as the Director of Collective Family Law provides for an analysis of the following:1. THE PROPERTY POOL – What assets, liabilities and financial resources there are of each party, joint or separate (the “net property pool”);2. THE CONTRIBUTIONS – What each party has contributed to those assets, [...]

  • orgniser workbook divorce

    Three Important Topics To Think About When Going Through Divorce and Separation

    1. Gathering basic information You are going to need to know details about your relationship’s financial set-up as well as other basic information such as dates regarding the relationship, where documents are kept, and whose name is on what assets, household bills and other [...]

  • Divorce collective podcast episode 10

    The 7 Tips On How To Have A Healthy Divorce – Podcast Episode 10

                  Do healthy divorces actually exist? Yes, they do and they absolutely can be achieved! Divorce and separation is a hard time, no matter who you are - however, not every divorce [...]


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