• woman at the beach

    Where Do You Stand legally?

    It is really important, from as early on as possible or even before you separate, to know where you stand legally. There is nothing to be afraid of here; it doesn’t mean that you need to take action, retain a lawyer or turn your life [...]

  • father and son

    Mediation for Parenting

    What is Mediation in Family Law? Mediation is simply a negotiation with the assistance of a ‘middle person’, called a mediator. The mediator is there to help you and the other parent negotiate an outcome if you are unable to agree on what is in [...]

  • children in the field

    Compassion During Separation

    Compassion for your ex-partner   The words in this blog will challenge you. As family lawyers, we know this because we often get dirty and confused looks and even unpleasant words back if we were to say this to a client. But to be straight with [...]


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