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    Contravention or Breach of Parenting Orders

    Parenting Orders made either by agreement/consent or made by the Court must be complied with by both parties until the child turns 18.  Unfortunately, we have seen many circumstances where one parent chooses not to comply with the Orders. The impact of the breach or [...]

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    Travelling Overseas With Children

    We live in a multicultural society and it is not uncommon that we find parents or even children were born overseas and have moved to Australia to live permanently.  Unfortunately, in cases where there is a separation and there is a connection to an overseas [...]

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    Resolve Online with Collective Family Law Group

    Are you at the beginning of your family law matter and unsure what your first step to take is?  Start with Resolve Online to navigate your way to an amicable resolution with your ex-partner with Resolve Online in your own home, at your own pace. [...]


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