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    Why You Need More Than Solid Legal Advice To Resolve Your Family Law Matter

    Going through a separation and divorce is a stressful time and there really are no quick fixes, it takes loads of patience and self-love, to get through it.  There will be times that you feel very stuck in the family law process. As family lawyers based [...]

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    What is Spousal Maintenance?

    You may have heard of this before, or maybe you’ve seen American stories in which it is referred to as alimony. Spousal maintenance is a remedy prescribed in the Family Law Act for a former spouse to seek financial support from their ex-partner after separation. [...]

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    The Fear of The Unknown

    Change is difficult. It is difficult for both parties of the separation, whether we are the ones making the change or whether the change is occurring because of someone else’s decision. This is a huge transition in your life, and you do need to be [...]


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