A lawyer is, as simply as possible, a person who practices the law. However, what many people outside of the legal profession don’t realise—or, at least, those who have not previously hired a lawyer—is that there are different divisions and specialities within the legal profession. A criminal defence lawyer, for instance, takes on different types of cases than a personal injury lawyer, who in turn has a different set of case types than a tax lawyer.

One of the legal specialities that you have probably heard of before is family law. However, knowing the term ‘family law’ and knowing when it might be time to hire a family lawyer in Ashmore or Helensvale are different things. What types of cases do family lawyers take on, and why might you turn to a family lawyer for advice, counsel or representation?

What Does a Family Lawyer Do?

As you could probably guess, a family lawyer is one who handles issues that play out within families. Think of your family and the relationships you have with your family members. Disputes within this unit would normally be settled with the help of a family lawyer. There are exceptions, of course. For instance, while some family lawyers will handle wills and estate planning, it’s probably more common that family lawyers focus on two core pieces of the family concept: marriage and children.

In other words, if you are wondering whether or not you need the advice of a family lawyer in Southport or Bundall, start by thinking about your marriage and your children and ask if there are any problems there. Here are a few of the questions you can ask yourself in each category. If you answer yes to any of them, it might be time to engage the services of a family lawyer.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, we encourage you to consult with a family lawyer as soon as possible.

Find the Right Family Lawyer in Helensvale, Ashmore or Bundall

To discuss any issues you may have with your marriage or children, contact Collective Family Law Group and schedule an initial consultation today. We are family lawyers based in Bundall and are happy to offer any advice or representation you might need in the area of family law. All of our initial consultations are free, so you can meet with our lawyers and get some advice before deciding whether or not to work with us. Call us on 07 55 740 971 to set up your consultation right now.