You may be pondering whether it is worth paying for a lawyer to assist you in your family law matter.

Understandably many people are concerned about the cost of instructing a family lawyer on their behalf but the truth is that spending the money on a good family lawyer may save you both stress and money.

By instructing a good family lawyer you will have a team behind you that will be on your side when you feel like no one else is. Going through a separation is a very difficult time and it can be made even more difficult if you are going through it alone.

At Collective Family Law Group we understand that it can be a frightening time going through a family law process.  We offer a 1-hour free consultation so that you can experience how we can help you. We may advise you that you don’t need a family lawyer in your circumstances or we may advise that it would be entirely appropriate for you to instruct a solicitor for your matter.