Our Frequently Asked quiestions

If you have decided to separate you need to tell your partner that you want to separate. Or maybe it is that they have told you that they want to separate. This date is important for your Application for Divorce (if applicable) and if you are de-facto it also has importance regarding your property settlement.

It is a great idea to collate as much financial information as possible such as what you each own including superannuation and what each of your debts are. The next best step you can make is to take the opportunity to make a free initial appointment with one of our lawyers so that you can see where you stand.

It is most certainly a stressful time when you are going through a separation and divorce. The truth is that not everybody going through a separation needs to retain a family lawyer, but many do. It is our recommendation that even if you think you don’t need a family lawyer, you still at a minimum attend an initial meeting to ensure you are not missing any important information in relation to your personal circumstances.

By meeting with one of our expert Family and Divorce Lawyers you will be provided with legal advice as well as practical advice to assist you with your legal matter.

If your circumstances are complex, it is highly recommended to retain a family lawyer to ensure that you are protected from risk and ensure that you receive a settlement that you and your children deserve.

Family Law Solicitors such as our team, can help you with protecting your children, helping you negotiate a property settlement, draft legal documents, file and represent you in court, assist with mediation or family dispute resolution, advise you on your legal rights and obligations, assist you with domestic violence issues and act on your behalf relieving stress and pressure.

Yes, we do. This appointment allows our clients to meet with us, receive legal advice and do research to ensure that they are choosing the right family law firm for them. We are very proud to offer a free initial appointment allowing more people access to quality family law advice. The appointment can run-up to an hour. For a second appointment, if you are yet to retain our firm we charge our hourly rate.
You can do a property settlement any time after separation, you don’t have to wait for any time to pass. It is important to know that after you have been separated as a de-facto for more than two years or have been divorced for more than twelve months, you can be out of time. Usually, the sooner you sort out your property settlement, the better as it allows you to move forward in your life.

In the breakdown of any relationship involving children, their well-being and bests interests need to be paramount. At Collective Family Law, parenting arrangements and getting the right results for children are our top priority.

Our Family Law Solicitors can assist you to make amicable arrangements with your ex-partner on how you are going to move forward as co-parents.

We assist our clients to negotiate the right outcomes for their children, attending mediations with them or drafting consent orders that legally bind the parties to their agreements. When required we also help clients to file proceedings in Court on both an urgent and non-urgent basis.

Every family is different and we tailor our approach for each parenting matter as required to help our clients get the best results for themselves and their children.

We understand that every situation is unique in family law. As such we tailor our fees arrangements to suit each of our client’s needs. We offer a range of fee arrangements, pay as you go, fixed fees, funding options and deferred payments. During your first initial appointment, we talk to you about fees and what fee structure will be most suitable for your matter.

We don’t offer deferred or funding options for parenting matters.

Some family law matters are more difficult than others. Having difficult personalities or narcissist personality disorder to deal with, makes family law matters much more difficult. At Collective Family Law all of our family law solicitors are very experienced in dealing with personality disorders and can help clients to achieve the right outcomes despite the challenges they face in dealing with an ex-partner that has narcissistic behaviours.
We have a large team of family law solicitors with a vast array of family law experience. Many of our lawyers are very senior having practised family law for 10 – 20 years each. We don’t practice in any other area of the law. Our full focus is family law, which enables us to give our clients the highest level of expertise. Our Family Law Teams’ approach to your matter is professional, appropriately supervised and reviewed regularly to obtain the best result for you. Working as a team allows our clients to have the input of many family law lawyers on their team, this is a huge benefit.