Child Custody Lawyer Gold Coast and Brisbane

The battle for your child’s custody can sometimes be an unbearably difficult situation. It is crucial that children remain in those family situations that are best for them and their needs. Whether a parent or a legal guardian, it is understandable that you do not want to lose custody of the child in your care. This is why finding the best child custody lawyer that can help you win the battle to keep your child with you is your number one priority. Facing this challenge with the trusted team of experienced lawyers at Collective Family Lawyers becomes an easier task as they come along side you to help and support you through this hardship.

Caralee’s team of child custody lawyers are here to help you fight for your child and encourage you through this difficult time. They are friendly, easy to talk to, and approachable, and serve their clients with compassionate advice through such difficult times. With their years of experience, they can provide you with sound, plain English advice that keeps the situation uncomplicated and easy to understand, and they strive to create as much of a stress free environment as possible for their clients as well. Their child custody lawyers know the difficulty of the battle you face, and want to provide you with the best quality service that respects your situation and enables you and your child to move forward with your lives.


In addition to their experience in child custody cases, the team at Collective Family Lawyers has also been involved in legal matters pertaining but not limited to children’s matters, child relocation, child support, divorce, de facto couples, separation, spousal maintenance, property settlements, binding financial agreements, domestic violence, wills, and powers of attorney. They also offer a free consultation for first time clients, as they want to help find the best solution that’s right for you and the child or children in question.

With an encouraging, friendly legal team like the one at Collective Family Law Group, finding a child custody lawyer you can trust with the experience you need is no longer such a hard task for a parent to accomplish. They can help you in battle for your child’s custody, walking with you throughout this difficult journey, and promise to help win the results you want and need for you and your child.