In Need of a Domestic Violence Lawyer, but Don’t Know Where to Turn?

The Domestic Violence Lawyers at Collective Family Law Group Can Help

domestic violence

Domestic violence is an unfortunate, frightening situation that happens too frequently, and unfortunately it is often the case that those guilty of committing such crimes are never brought to justice. Too often, the family members that are the victims of such terrible circumstances do not speak up, and the domestic violence continues to go unnoticed. But you don’t have to be afraid to stand up for yourself any longer. With a friendly, compassionate team of domestic violence lawyers like those at Collective Family Lawyers, finding the help you need is no longer as scary, stressful, or even disreputable as it once was. Collective Family Lawyers is here to help, no matter the situation.

Collective Family Lawyers is a boutique family law firm with years of professional experience. They exclusively practice only family law and related issues, and have continued serving the Gold Coast and Brisbane area with their sound, unbiased help and advice. This has given them the ability to know the in’s and out’s of legal matters pertaining to domestic violence and other situations.


As a boutique family law firm, their smaller size than most other firms gives Collective Family Lawyers the ability to provide personalised, individual help for their clients. Their domestic violence lawyers and other staff members form a team of professionals with years of experience in matters of family law.

The domestic violence lawyers and other members of staff at Collective Family Law Group are warm, friendly team, making them approachable, inviting, and easy to talk to. They provide sound, plain English advice, help create as little stress as possible for their clients, and are sure to keep things concrete and uncomplicated. Collective Family Law Group domestic violence lawyers want to be a voice for your family, and help encourage you to keep fighting through this difficult situation. They know and understand the hardships of domestic violence, and want to provide the legal advice your family needs to enable you to move forward with your lives.


Collective Family Lawyers can also provide legal help for situations beyond domestic violence as required. No matter the background of the situation, whether it be during or after marriage or another relationship, their team of lawyers can provide legal help in most areas of family law including but not limited to: divorce, de facto couples, separation, spousal maintenance, property settlements, financial agreements, children’s matters, child relocation, child support, wills, and powers of attorney in addition to domestic violence. Collective Family Lawyers also provided a free consultation for first time clients to help them find the best solution for whatever issue they may be facing.

With Collective Family Lawyers you get more than just a good domestic violence lawyer. You and your family gets the help that it can trust, has the experience you want, and gets the results you need. If you and your family have suffered from domestic violence at home, then don’t hesitate to seek legal help immediately. A team of expert domestic violence lawyers at Collective Family Lawyers can provide you with the help you need to fight back and protect yourself, as well as family. You don’t have to fight this battle alone.