Searching for a family law solicitor on the Gold Coast is often a difficult, challenging task. From the outset, you are already going through stress of family related issues that have led you to find a family law solicitor. The process of finding family law solicitors on the Gold Coast should be helpful and something to put you at ease – not something to cause additional stress in your life.

Caldwell Solicitors understands the stress involved with finding a family law solicitor and has made it their mission to create a welcoming and stress-free environment for their clients. Founded in 2006 by Cameron Caldwell, Caldwell Solicitors has a single office located centrally in Bundall on the Gold Coast. The firm practices in family law and domestic violence, including but not limited to child support, financial matters, children’s matters and divorce.

With Caldwell Solicitors, you will be able to work with family law solicitors on the Gold Coast who work strictly in family law. Specialising in one particular area enables Caldwell Solicitors to have expert knowledge to be able to guide clients through their family law matter with as little stress as possible. Caldwell Solicitors’ size means the firm is able to provide a personalised and individual approach to each and every one of its clients. The team of family lawyers and support staff Caldwell Solicitors has on staff are professional, approachable and uncomplicated. The firm of professionals approaches each individual client based on their situation and needs, providing a unique and personal experience for each client.


When coming to a family law solicitor over a sensitive topic, you can feel vulnerable and hesitant to open up to someone. At Caldwell Solicitors, the staff is professional, understanding and sensitive to each and every one of their clients’ situations.

You can go to many places to find a family law solicitor on the Gold Coast, but Caldwell Solicitors is a firm that staffs experts in their fields who can provide the best family law service as possible. They handle each case discreetly, with the highest possible professionalism and respect to their clients. Caldwell Solicitors give their clients the service they deserve while they are going through these trying situations. Nearly all of us have or know someone who has gone through a separation. It’s a common thing to happen, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult. Caldwell Solicitors understand the difficulty involved in these situations with the goal to make the experience as smooth as possible for you. Caldwell will ensure that you receive a fair share of joint assets and that you legally end your marriage in the proper way.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Caldwell Solicitors can also help you prepare for marriage with pre-nuptial financial agreements. Even though an upcoming wedding is a happy, celebratory time, still, more than 30 per cent of all marriages end in divorce in Australia. As a result, it is common for many couples to protect their assets with pre-nuptial financial agreements.

Regardless of your need or concern, Caldwell Solicitors will be able to provide you with the resources and professionalism you seek for family law solicitors on the Gold Coast.