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We have all know that it’s expensive to go through a divorce, so how do you minimise the costs? This week on the Divorce Collective Podcast, Caralee breaks down the tips and tricks as to how you can minimise your legal fees when going through a separation & divorce.

Listen in as Caralee dives into the following:

1. If you are able to reach agreement with your ex-partner, then only retain a lawyer to finalise your matter with legally binding documents, this is optimal;
2. Choose an excellent family law firm;
3. Ensure you receive a cost agreement prior to commencing work with your lawyer;
5. Be organised and timely;
6. Do not use your lawyer as a counsellor;
7. Be clear when giving instructions;
8. Be honest with your legal team about your circumstances;
9. Choose an experienced family lawyer;
10. Listen carefully to your lawyers advice, they are on your side.