How to Seek Help When You Are a Victim of Domestic Violence in Australia

Although the statistics show that domestic violence in Australia has declined from 2005 to 2016, partner violence towards women remains a major concern. According to Personal Safety Study (PSS), nearly 16% of Australian women report a violent partner.

Considering these stats, you or someone you know may experience domestic and family violence. Remember, domestic violence is unacceptable and you should take action against the abuser. Here is what you can do to prevent the abuse.


When you are living with a violent partner and you are a victim of abuse, it’s important to access the danger. If you are in immediate danger, it’s better to move somewhere safe if you can and/or immediately phone the police. If the Police attend the home or where ever you are, they are able to assist you in ensuring you are safe and they may make an application for a domestic violence order on your behalf.


Once you are safe and out of immediate danger, talk to someone you trust. It’s important to get support so that you are emotionally supported. It will also help you feel comfortable and relaxed as you decide about steps to take in the future against the abuser.


You should not hesitate in speaking to the police when you feel unsafe. The police will protect you and help you obtain court orders to keep the abuser away from you.

When you call the police, be prepared to answer some questions. The police may ask you about the address where the incident took place, the name of the offender, and other personal information. The police may also inquire about mental and physical abuse, the use of a weapon, or anything else that may be relevant.


When you are a victim of abuse, it’s easy to start blaming yourself for the situation. However, you must understand that domestic violence is unacceptable and you are most certainly not to blame for the way you are treated by an abuser. It can be very difficult to not lose your self-confidence when you are in a domestically violent relationship. You are worthy of so much more!


Although laws in different states vary, they all protect against all forms of domestic violence. The domestic violence laws and in particular the definition of domestic violence in Queensland are very broad. Domestic violence is recognised in many forms, including, mental and physical abuse, financial abuse, intimidation, forms of threatening behaviour, threats or acts of self-harm or harm to animals or belongings. It’s important to learn about your rights so that you can actively protect yourself against abusive and violent behaviour.


When you are a victim of domestic violence, the law will come to your aid and provide protective measures. However, you are most likely going to have to take action by attending to an expert family law solicitor in Gold Coast, the police or your local registry.

As experienced Gold Coast domestic violence lawyers, we specialise in this area of law and are here to assist you in making applications to the court, attending the court on your behalf or assisting with trial material.


Domestic violence can negatively affect your personality and destroy your self-esteem and confidence. Victims live in fear and shame and often have suicidal thoughts. However, there is a lot you can do to fight domestic and family violence in Australia. Talk to your friends for support and get legal support to protect your rights.

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