Stress is high and times are uncertain as we all navigate Covid19.

For Collective Family Law, business goes on. Just like for anyone going through divorce or separation, whereby they still need to navigate their way through the separation and divorce process, despite what is happening in the world.

At Collective Family Law, for now, the majority of us are working remotely, staying safe while keeping our client work moving forward, so that they can move past this time in their lives sooner.

It is true that Covid19 is impacting everything right now, and it is likely to impact people that are going through separation and divorce in one way or another.

At Collective Family Law we have our clients covered, to help you to navigate what is already a tricky time! We expect that there will be further issues for many people that are raised because of this crisis. Parenting and property negotiations are going to be heightened as stress levels for everyone rise in this time of uncertainty.

Here are some helpful tips if you are a co-parent or going through separation and divorce at this time:

If you are a Co-parent

Now is a good time to talk to your co-parent. If you haven’t had a conversation with your ex about how your co-parenting you deal with potential isolations, quarantines and lockdowns, call them now to make those arrangements. Who will take care of the kids if one of you gets sick? If the kids get sick? School holidays are going to be extended, what does that look like for your family?
Everything should default to your current parenting plan or orders. If your relationship with your ex-partner is contentious and talking to them is not an option, call our office to make a zoom appointment to meet with one of our team on 1300 225 393.

If your matter is in Court

Some courts have temporarily closed and more closures are likely to come. Check with the Magistrates or Local Court if you have a Domestic Violence matter or the Federal Circuit Court if you have a family law matter (or ask us!) to find out if your court hearing has been continued or if you can appear by telephone.

If you’re scheduled to appear in court, check your court portal or your lawyer to see if any changes to that date have occurred. If you are self-represented make sure your correct address is on file with the court as more closures are likely to take place. Some matters are proceeding, however on telephone links or video links. You will be informed by the Court or your lawyer as to how your matter is affected.

Take Action Now or Delay?

This is actually not the time to delay moving forward. We’re in unknown times, but this is not the time to delay moving your separation and divorce process forward.
Now is a time more than ever that you need certainty moving forward in your life. There is so much uncertainty as you move through divorce and separation, there is no doubt that Covid19 has only made matters even more stressful for you.

There are lots of free resources on our website including the Family Law Workbook to help you out.

If you haven’t used your free initial meeting with one of our solicitors, now might be a great time to take advantage of that.