Negotiating with your ex-partner about your property settlement can be a great way to reach an amicable agreement, and to reduce your need to incur legal costs. Some couples find discussing who gets what in the property settlement causes conflict. Other couples are easily able to negotiate who gets what property, and can resolve matters amicably. Either way, don’t expect it to be easy to reach agreement, it usually isn’t. It takes time and patience.

Negotiating A Property Settlement

For couples who are still able to communicate with each other effectively, talking and negotiating a property settlement can be very beneficial. Parties may already have an idea of what each party had at the commencement of the relationship, what each party contributed during the relationship, and what each party should retain upon separation.

Family Court Consent Orders Property Settlement

For parties who can negotiate and reach agreement with respect to who gets what, they can have their property finalised by way of consent orders. Once you and your ex-partner have reached agreement, you can prepare your own documents with a Do-it-Yourself Consent Order Kit available from the Family Law Court of Australia or from Alternatively, and if you can afford it you should  have a lawyer draft your documents outlining who gets what property, and file the documents in court (in this case a lower fixed fee rate may apply). This is the best way to protect yourself moving forward.

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