Finding out your partner is having an affair quite frankly – rocks your world, your marriage, and how you feel about yourself. There is no doubt that separation becomes so much more difficult when there is an affair due to a lot of emotion and hurt which takes a long time to walkthrough.

When there is an affair, it can seem as though there should be compensation for someone causing the end of the relationship, or one person feels entitled to more given the circumstances. The reality is though, in Australia, we have what is called a ‘no-fault law’ which means that if there has been an affair, we don’t have a punishment for that.
This can be extremely confronting, as most of the time it was not your choice to end the marriage, and it may seem that your partner is getting away with it, without any repercussions, which unfortunately is the case due to our no-fault law. With this being said, it is most important that from here on you learn acceptance, and you ensure you spend time on yourself. Life doesn’t always allow for you to choose every chapter in your life, and it is how you deal with it once it is unveiled that really counts.
My advice is to stay calm and cool – easier said than done but if you need some advice on what will be your best next move, come and see us for a 1-hour free initial consultation with one of our incredible family lawyers.
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