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We are changing our name soon!

Caldwell Family Law Name Change

Caralee and the team are passionate divorce lawyers, together they have impacted thousands of people positively through their separation and divorce. The firm has grown over the past few years and now has offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

A few years ago, Caralee Caldwell also went through her own divorce… Like she helps her clients do, she thrived through the divorce and is now happy. She has created her best life since going through her divorce and she believes her clients can too.

Caralee’s last name is no longer Caldwell, the team doesn’t feel that it is not a good fit anymore and neither does she. But what will the new name for the family law practice be?

The firm has strong values of having clarity, certainty, compassion and success with the goal of helping people thrive through their separation, to move on to their next chapter faster.

We adopt the approach of being competitively priced (including fixed fee options), transparent with fees and always seeking the best cost effective outcomes for clients.

We pride ourselves treating each client as an individual and finding unique solutions for their family, so that they can move through the process faster.

Name Suggestions

We would love your ideas.

If your idea is the winning idea, we will shout you a night at Elements Byron Bay.

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