At Caldwell Family Lawyers we are excited to announce that we have changed our name.

We are proud to now be Collective Family Law Group!

Why have we chosen this name?

Caralee, our principal also went through a divorce which of course as you know brings about lots of change and transition. After her name changed from her former married name of ‘Caldwell’ it became obvious that the firm needed a new name and we wanted something that represented our team and service. The team wanted a name that reflected the future of family law and the practice itself.

It was obvious to Caralee, that she didn’t want the firm to be named after herself because the firm is so much bigger than her and it is her intention to grow the practice much larger than where it is today, so that the team can impact more people positively as they move through their separation and divorce. After much thought about what the new name ‘Collective Family Law Group’ was born.

We know who we are and what value we provide to the lives of people that are going through separation and divorce. Collective Family Law Group is perfect because:

  1. Our values of clarity, certainty and compassions, collectively, is what underpin our practice and how we deliver exceptional service to our clients;
  2. Working collectively and collaboratively is our difference and is how we achieve successful outcomes; and
  3. We approach every client uniquely, striving with collective impact and fighting for our client’s.

There is no doubt that being a collective has more impact that being an individual, working together with our clients’ and with their goals in mind is what makes us an exceptional exceptional leading family law firm.

We are proud to be different, to work as a team and to deliver our clients fast results. If you are on the Gold Coast or Brisbane and you are in need of family law advice and assistance, call the Collective Family Law Group!.