Separation from a relationship can involve many emotions and stress. You may be experiencing bitterness, a sense of loss, or even failure. However, these mixed feelings are a natural part of the process and also a part of the healing mechanism.

Let’s look at some tips on how to deal and maintain your health post-separation.

Keep Active

Sitting around dwelling on the past or what might have been is not healthy for anyone. Health professionals recommend keeping active with exercise with positive pursuits. Exercise releases more of the feel-good endorphins in the brain which will keep you in a more upbeat frame of mind.

Allow Yourself To Feel

It is natural to experience mixed emotions post-separation. Allow yourself to go through these feelings so that you can heal and avoid a melancholy state, blaming yourself, and continuously focusing on the failed relationship or marriage. Learn what you can from the experience, but also realise some things just are not in your control.

Let Go of Bitterness and Move On

Being bitter does not help anybody. If anything, it worsens the situation. Easier said than done, but it is best to let go of bitter feelings, get on with life, and allow yourself to move on emotionally and start a new chapter.

Accept Your Situation

Being in denial will just make the whole process feel longer. It is important to accept the present and move on. The healing process can only sate when you see the positive sides of things.

Seek Support

The best thing to do after a separation is to seek support and guidance of friends and family. While it is important to have some time out for yourself when dealing with a separation, it is also vital that you do not spend too much time alone. Allow your spirits to be uplifted by those who love and care about you most.

Understand the Separation Process

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