Parenting Plans

Navigating through a divorce proceeding, one of the greatest hurdles can be finalising the care arrangements for the children. It is often the children who are more affected by the dissolution of marriage than the parents. Amid this upheaval, it’s crucial to bear in mind that the child’s relationship with both parents remains intact, even if the marital relationship has concluded. It’s unjust for children to become victims of these situations.

To prevent this impact on your child or children, we, as some of the best family lawyers on the Gold Coast, propose the creation of a parenting plan or care agreement. This plan highlights financial support, schooling obligations, and ensures that both parents get quality time with their child or children.


The tension and resentment often associated with divorce or separation can be lessened if both parties willingly cooperate and consent to a parenting plan. Such a plan should be drafted by a legal expert, such as the divorce lawyers at Gold Coast’s Collective Family Law Group, then signed and lodged in Court. A parenting plan prepared by the parents themselves might not be legally binding, which could lead to difficulties if disputes arise in the future.

Features to be included in a parenting plan are:

  • Goals for the child
  • Educational aspirations
  • General wellbeing
  • The extent of financial support
  • Designated days, times, weeks, and holidays for the child to spend with each parent
  • Provisions on whether the child can travel, and if so, any restrictions or limitations


Our family law lawyers on the Gold Coast are dedicated to offering appropriate guidance and support to families, making sure that creating a parenting plan doesn’t ignite further disputes.


Collective Family Law Group, a team of experienced family law solicitors on the Gold Coast, offers quality advice and solutions when it comes to creating a parenting plan. We believe that a parenting plan is a peaceful solution that can avoid lengthy court proceedings.

At Collective Family Law Group, our Gold Coast divorce lawyers have successfully aided countless parents in crafting a fair and balanced parenting plan. Let us help you navigate this challenging time by alleviating stress and complications.


Book a meeting with our child custody lawyers on the Gold Coast today for professional advice and to explore the options for a parenting plan. Collective Family Law Group understands your circumstances and is here to provide support.

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