We usually enter marriage or a relationships thinking it will last a life time, however that is not always the case. Unfortunately, more than 30% of marriages in Australia end in divorce. It is difficult to predict whether this could happen to you or another individual. It is stressful and overwhelming to go through preparation for lengthy separation court procedures. However, the stress can be reduced by being wise by planning ahead and preparing a pre-nuptial agreement with your partner.

What is a Pre-nuptial Agreement?

A pre-nuptial agreement protects the finances, assets and debts that are shared or used within the and after the relationship. The agreement is legally binding on both parties entering into the marriage. The pre-nuptial minimises confusion, stress, bitterness and matters relating to finances for both parties when the parties are fully aware of the obligations and conditions prior to being married.


A prenuptial agreement is something to consider and prepared by mutual consent of both parties before entering into a serious de facto relationship of 2 years or marriage.

It is difficult to determine the outcomes of a relationship and the situation that may arise during or after the breakdown of a relationship. You and your partner need to carefully outline all agreements during and after your relationship. In the event of a break down, a pre-nuptial agreement simplifies the separation process as the financial aspect has already been sorted out.


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