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No one likes to enter a marriage with the expectation of it failing, however with more than 30% of all marriages in Australia ending in divorce, it seems only prudent to be prepared.

Our Gold Coast and Brisbane family lawyers are on-hand to give you the most up-to-date legal advice to assist you with your prenuptial agreement. We understand that preparing and signing a prenup can be a sensitive issue, so we always ensure that all parties are listened to and that way we can consult our clients more thoroughly.

What is a prenup?

A prenup or prenuptial agreement is a legally binding way to protect your pre-martial assets when you enter into a marriage.

Prenups are not limited to marriage, they can also apply to de facto relationships. A prenup is a legally binding agreement that logs the assets and debts of each party entering the marriage or relationship, it then details how these assets and debts will be divided across both parties in the event of a separation or divorce.

For a prenup to be legally binding in Australia it will need to comply with the following criteria;

  • Each party must disclose their financial position fully
  • The prenup must be in writing
  • Each party must have independent legal advice before signing anything
  • Each party must willingly sign the prenup without any pressure
  • There are strict guidelines outlined in the Family Act, 1975 to govern the legality of a prenup

A prenup makes sense

Signing a prenup before marriage or at the start of a de facto relationship means that all parties enter into the agreement of how to divide their assets should the marriage or relationship fail at a time that they have the upmost love and respect for one another.

Unfortunately, divorce can be bitter and filled with emotion, so it makes sense to agree to a fair resolution should the relationship ends when all parties are amicable.

A prenup takes all the guesswork and uncertainty out of divorce proceedings, and means that if the unforeseeable happens, you can move forward quickly, knowing exactly what all parties are entitled to.

A prenup can also save you money in the long-term as divorces and separations can become quite costly when both parties disagree on an outcome, legal fees can soar quickly and moving on from the relationship can be a drawn-out process.

A prenup is not an iron-clad agreement

Whilst a prenup can take some of the uncertainty out of your future should things go awry, they are not always 100% set in stone. That’s why it’s important to speak to a reputable family lawyer that can limit the reasons a prenup can be voided. Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast & Brisbane always do their due diligence, to ensure you are getting the best advice possible.

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