New Podcast Episode!

This one is for the women in Divorce, as we will be speaking about whether you should change your name after your divorce?
There is no right or wrong here, it is a personal preference that doesn’t have any significant difference on your family law matter.
Some women cannot wait to change their names and others find it more difficult due to other reasons such as kids etc.
What you need to note if you do decide to change your name during divorce:
  1. You can revert back to your maiden name with little-to no fuss;
  2. You will need to show the links between your names;
  3. What you will need to do so; and
  4. If you do want to change your name, why you should do it right away…
Listen up, as Caralee breaks down exactly how to do each of these steps, it is far easier than you think!
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