Signs That You May Not Need a Lawyer

Not everyone going through a separation or divorce needs a lawyer, (I bet that you never expected to hear that from a lawyer!).

These are some signs that you may be able to amicably resolve your family law matter on your own:

  1. You are able to amicably communicate with each other;
  2. There is no domestic violence or control;
  3. You both have an understanding of what your entitlements are;
  4. You are both focused on the best interests of your children; and
  5. Both of you are ready to resolve your matter.

If you check all these points off, then there may be an alternative for you other than retaining a lawyer.

Around 70% of separating couples are able to resolve their matter without lawyer assisted negotiations or worse, going to court.

Until now, there has been limited options…. retaining a lawyer or searching Google and trying to piece things together.

That is exactly why we created our online program, Resolve. To help you amicably resolve your separation and divorce, with professional guidance at a fraction of the cost of our full-service fees.

What is RESOLVE?

It is an online program designed to guide you through the maze of family law, separation, divorce, negotiations, and how to finalise your matter.

You will learn how to move on with your life faster, how to protect yourself, what you can and can’t do in family law, how to negotiate with your ex-partner, and finalise everything once and for all.

Imagine the freedom of then being able to move past this time in your life, onto your amazing new life!

I have also been there, as well as helped thousands of clients, so I know what it is like to live in limbo through the separation and how amazing it feels to have everything finalised!

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Meet us to talk about your family law issues before committing to paying for any legal fees. We believe that this way, you can see if you are comfortable with our team and the legal strategy that we propose prior to making a financial commintment.