There are many ways to separate, and separation is different for every couple that are parting ways. There is no right or wrong way to separate, and it is important to not compare your situation to others who have been through a divorce.

There are four different ways to go through separation to get the best outcome, and essentially – move on with your life!

The sooner you get to final arrangements by either Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement – the better, as this gives you certainty and the ability to move forward.

So, how do you reach a final agreement for your property and/or parenting matters?

1. Kitchen Table Negotiations & finalise with Consent Orders;

2. Having a mediator help you both;

3. Get independent legal advice and lawyer-assisted negotiations; or

4. Attending court.

In today’s podcast, Caralee breaks down these four pathways.

If you would like to take action in your separation so that you can move on to a brighter future, make an appointment to at least get initial advice! All too often, we see clients who have not taken action sooner, resulting in a more expensive & prolonged experience. The sooner you start sorting your family law matter out, the sooner you get to move on! Stop putting it off!

Here at Collective Family Law Group, we offer a one-hour free initial consultation. This will allow you to be clear on where you stand and the best next steps for you moving forward. Our team specialises in only family law, so they are the best of the best!

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