When we did our rebranding a couple of years ago, our Director Caralee Fontenele put a lot of thought into shaping the brand of the firm so that it was in line with the values, mission and philosophy of the firm. 

We now have a branding identity that is aligned to what is most important to us. Our logo is a large diamond with smaller diamonds around it. It then has three important words circling the diamonds.  Here is our branding and values explained through our logo design:


  1. To us the diamond represents strength, this is an important factor in what we do for our clients as family lawyers.  When clients are  facing  tough  family  law  issues such as children, divorce, property etc. We  are  on  their  side  and  provide  them  with  strength, stability and support. Guiding them through what is very foreign and helping them to gain strength themselves so that they can fight for what is right for them and their children.       
  2. The large central diamond represents our client. Diamonds are treasured and that is how we feel about our clients. The  smaller diamonds  around  the  large  diamond,  represents  the  support, legal advice and strategy =  that  we  provide  to  our  clients  through  our  skilled  legal  professionals  and  our  resources.  
  3. The clarity of a diamond is an important factor and we feel that offering client’s clarity in our advice is essential. When someone is facing family law issues they deserve to have the process and legal points clarified so that they can make positive decisions moving forward. 
  4.  Diamonds start out rough, they are only made bright and shiny when they are cut.  When  our  clients  come  to  us  they  are  going  through  a  rough  stage  of  their  life, often it is the toughest time that a client has faced in their life.  It is our  focus  to  finalise  their  matter at the earliest time possible  so  that  they  can  get  their  shine  back  and  be  able  to  more  forward  positively  with  their  lives.    
  5. There are many facets to a diamond, just as there is to the complications of relationships, family and family law. We have all these facets covered and there is no issues that is too big or too small for us to deal with. It may seem complex to our client but our highly skilled team is ready to deal with any facet that presents. 
  6. Diamonds also represent quality and offering quality service is highly important to our team. Quality  service  is  what  our  clients  can  expect  from any team members at Collective Family Law Group. 


As  part  of  our  corporate  identity  we  have  incorporated  three  words  beginning  with  the  letter  ‘C’. These 3 words  are  very  important  to  our  firm  and  our  clients.  

Clarity  –  We  ensure  that  our  clients  have  clarity  after  they  have  been  to  our  firm  for  family  law  advice  whether  that  is  for  a  free  initial  consultation  or  an  ongoing  matter.  It is so important that clients or potential clients know all the options moving forward, what is happening during their matter and what the end goals are that we are trying to achieve for them. 

Certainty  –  When  a  client  is  going  through  the  family  law  process  they  are  faced  with  a  lot  of  uncertainty and that is one of the most frightening components of facing divorce and separation.  Our focus is to provide our clients with certainty as much as we possibly can. Certainty on our advice, what outcomes are achievable and what outcomes are not achievable and certainty that they will soon be able to move on to their new best life.       

Compassion – When you come to Collective Family Law Group, no matter what the issues are, we never judge and we treat our clients and their families with the compassion that they deserve. We are a team of family lawyers that genuinely care about our client’s by ensuring you get the best outcome possible in your family law matter.