Our firm has chosen the symbol of diamonds as it has many meanings for our family law firm and our clients. 


  1. The diamond represents strength. When clients are facing tough family law issues we are on their side and provide them with strength.  
  2. The large centre diamond represents our client. The diamonds around the large one represents the support that we provide to our clients through our skilled legal professionals and our resources. 
  3. Diamonds start out rough and they are made shiny. When our clients come to us they are going through a rough stage of their life and it is our focus to finalise their matter so that they can get their shine back and be able to more forward positively with their lives. 
  4. Diamonds also represent quality. Quality service is what our clients can expect from Collective Family Law Group. 


As part of our corporate identity, we have incorporated three words beginning with the letter ‘C’ that is very important to our firm and our clients.

  1. Clarity – We ensure that our clients have clarity after they have been to our firm for family law advice whether that is for a free initial consultation or an ongoing family law matter.
  2. Certainty – When a client is going through the family law process they are faced with a lot of uncertainty. Our focus is to provide our clients with certainty and guide them through their divorce, property settlement, children’s matters etc.
  3. Compassion – We treat our clients with compassion and we care about their outcomes.