Three Keys to a Successful Divorce

To say that going through a separation and divorce is a stressful time is an understatement!

You may be trying to find a quick fix or fast solutions, but as a divorce lawyer, I can assure you there are no quick fixes. It is up to you and your ex-partner how fast or slow it takes to reach a settlement and half of that equation is not in your control.

The three keys to moving through this and getting to the finish line are:

  1. Patience;
  2. Self-love; and
  3. Action.

It can feel that you are stuck in limbo and when it comes to resolving the outstanding legal issues with your ex-partner, the progress can feel like it is at snail’s pace!

Throwing your hands in the air and throwing in the towel, is a common feeling for people as they go through the steps. This is not going to help you to move on.

Making small incremental moves, in time, will help you to move forward and get you to the finish line. You cannot go back, the only option is forward, even if you don’t like it much.

I can promise you, (and I don’t make promises lightly!) that you will not be going through this phase of your life forever, it will pass. But you do need to take action.

The sooner you take a deep breath, slow down, love yourself, have patience and take positive action, the sooner that you will see the transformation from your old life to your new life where you get to move on.

Taking Action…

It might not feel easy to take action, but we try and make easy for you. Often we meet clients who came to us for initial advice more than 12 months ago, and they have not moved forward because they have not taken any action. It is common for people to hope that things will sort themselves out. But often it doesn’t, it does take hard work and sometimes conflicts.

Taking action but attending an initial appointment is the best starting point. Know where you stand and what your options are. This can relieve pressure and having clarity allows you to breathe easier.

At our firms in Cleveland, we also offer a free initial appointment, to help you can gain clarity and proper legal advice without any stress. Give us a call on – (07) 5574 0971 to book an initial consultation.

You may not know what to do

But We Will

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