This week, we have Senior Associate from Collective Family Law, Dannielle Young, hosting the podcast!

Dannielle Young has practised in family law for over 14 years. Dannielle has a passion for helping families, particularly children. She takes pride in helping parents through the separation process as quickly and amicably as possible. This is from the belief that all children deserve a quality upbringing, and children simply cannot do this embroiled in a family law matter.

With that being said, it is understood by family lawyers and the Courts that not all families are the same, and some children are at risk if they are to spend unsupervised time with a parent. That may be for a number of things, such as violence, drug addiction etc. However, it can also be because a parent is new coming into a child’s life. Some parents may not have had the blessing to know the child from birth, and that is where supervised contact centres are used in that context – ensuring it is a safe place to build or rebuild a relationship with a parent.

In the podcast, Dannielle talks about how supervised parental visits may occur and why they are useful in parenting matters. When it comes to supervised care, it does not necessarily have to use a supervised contact centre for supervised visits, so where and how else can supervised visits be acceptable?

Listen up as Dannielle explains the alternate options that may be possible for your family law matter.

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Listen to the podcast here.

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