Around the time of separation, it can be really difficult to know who stays and who goes. It is important to know your rights and obligations at this difficult and uncertain time. Everyone’s circumstances are different and it is important that you are both as practical as possible, however often emotions get in the way.


In this podcast, Caralee runs through the answers to all the below questions in regards to who stays in the family home:

1. Can one of us kick the other one out?
2. Can I change the locks?
3. I have left the home, do I have to keep paying the bills?
4. How can I get my partner to leave?
These are common questions that we often get asked in our Initial Consultations, so we recommend listening to the podcast prior to your free consultation to get the most out of your session.

To listen to what Caralee has to say and to answer all of the above questions, please go to the link below!