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Preparing for Family Law Mediation – A Roadmap to a Successful Resolution Ep 90

family mediattion

Family law mediation is a constructive and cost-effective alternative to court battles when resolving disputes related to divorce, child custody, support, and other family matters. It offers families an opportunity to come together, discuss their concerns, and work towards a mutually agreeable solution. To make the most of this process, careful preparation is essential. In […]

What Can You Do to End Domestic Violence?

Sadly, domestic and family domestic violence is a reality. One woman dies every week in Australia due to domestic Violence (White Ribbon, 2018), which includes different types of abuse such as physical, psychological, sexual, and financial. That is more than fifty women that die every year at the hand of their partner or ex-partner. Overwhelmingly, […]

Choosing Positive Paths After Domestic Violence

Families go through tough times. They argue and fight. But when it becomes violent and abusive behaviour, it’s not OK. Children raised in a home where they don’t feel protected could suffer from mental illness and have a poor physical and emotional life later on in adulthood if they have been exposed to domestic violence. […]

Reclaim Your Happiness After Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and domestic abuse can affect you irrespective of your gender and age. You can be a victim of harassment and financial abuse (Goldsworthy and Raj, 2018) when going through separation even when your partner has never shown violent behavior previously. Luckily, you can stop domestic violence by taking ACTION. You can easily obtain […]