Parenting Arrangements

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When children are involved in a divorce or separation, it can make the process harder and more complicated. There are a lot of decisions to be made at a time when a lot of change is occurring for you and your children.

When you choose Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast to handle your divorce, we give you legal advice in plain English. This ensures that no matter what choice you need to make, you are fully aware of where you stand and the possible outcomes of the decisions you make as you move through the legalities of your separation process.

Family Lawyers that help you navigate parenting arrangements and child custody on the Gold Coast.

At Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast the advice that we give clients is in relation to The Family Law Act 1975, which is ultimately focused to ensure the best interests of the children are met.

Before considering going to Court parties should attempt to reach an agreement through negotiations and mediation. If parenting arrangements can be made privately, Collective Family Law Group can then formalise the agreement reached with consent orders that are filed in the Family Court.

If a parenting arrangement can’t be reached between separated parents, our Gold Coast lawyers can advise you about the next possible steps. This advice will vary depending on your particular situation.

Compulsory family dispute resolution on the Gold Coast 

Parenting arrangements decided by the parents are favoured by the legal system. Most parents are required to attend Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and are further required to make a genuine attempt regarding child custody prior to making an application to the court. There are limited exceptions to this rule where parties do not have to attempt FDR prior to filing in court.

In our capacity as a children & family law firm, Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast can arrange private Family Dispute Resolution mediations for our clients.

After attempting FDR, if there remain outstanding issues, our family lawyers can further negotiate on your behalf or if it is necessary we can assist you in making an application to the court.

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Parenting arrangements and child custody gets complicated when it comes to relocation Issues

As families move around nationally and internationally more and more, many parents are faced with the dilemma that upon separation, one of the parties wants to move home with the children. This is where child custody can get messy.

Child custody laws state that parents cannot relocate with children without first obtaining the consent of the other parent or making an application the court to gain permission to relocate.

In the event that a parent relocates and takes the children without obtaining consent of the other parent or orders from the court, they can be ordered by the court for the children to be returned. This is where parenting arrangements can become complex and unfortunately the children are always in the middle.

Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast can assist you in any relocation matter that you may be facing.

Child custody and Child Support – know where you stand

Collective Family Law Group can provide general advice about your child support liabilities and entitlements. Parties can either enter into a private child support agreement or they can go through the Child Support Agency (CSA).

Grandparents & other third parties – Get the right legal advice

Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast have a range of experience in representing grandparents and other third parties, to ensure they can spend time and communicate with their grandchildren following the separation of the child’s parents.

Other Children’s matters we deal with include:
  • Change of existing consent orders or parenting arrangements
  • Relocation
  • Travel arrangements for children
  • Placing children on Airport Watch Lists
  • Change of children’s names
  • Same sex parenting arrangements
  • Paternity disputes
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