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You might be wondering how much a family lawyer costs or how much it will cost to get a divorce or finalise your family law case. 

The answer is varied depending on your family law circumstances. There are many variants depending on how complex your family law case is, does it involve child custody, property division or both issues? It could be possible that there are very complex or trust business structures, domestic violence or other complicating factors. 

At Collective Family Law, we are progressive in our approach to legal fees for family law matters. We try and offer solutions that suit our family law client’s needs. 

We make it our priority to reduce stress for our family law clients as we understand that they are already going through an extremely difficult time. Family law, separation and divorce is a difficult time for more people, so we ensure that our family law legal service has multiple options for legal fees. 

Some of our family law clients prefer a flexible fee structure where they are charged for each task by our family lawyers. Other family law clients require legal funding options, and others prefer the benefit of a fixed fee where they know what the family law fees will be from the outset.

Every family law case is different and individual circumstances will determine what fee structure is best for you.

We are committed to providing our Gold Coast and Brisbane family law clients with an open and transparent fee structure for our family law legal services. 

…Everyone deserves to have access to access to justice when it comes to their family law matters.


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