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At Collective Family Lawyers, if you have a property matter, including property division, property negotiations or court proceedings regarding a property matter, we can assist you in obtaining legal funding to pay legal fees to ensure that you get a fair outcome for your family law matter. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer legal funding if you only have only a parenting matter to resolve.

The legal funding process is very straightforward for our family law clients and does not have the same complex application process as a personal loan would. Applications take around one week, so the process is very fast. For most non-urgent family law matters, this is a very reasonable amount of time. As soon as the legal funding is approved, we can commence your family law matter to try and get it resolved. 

We have been working with Just Fund as our preferred lender for our family law clients and with Plenti as a further option. It is up to you, as the client, which lender you prefer.

We recommend Just Fund because we have found them easy for our clients to work with, and they are Australia’s only specialist family law finance provider. This means they have a deep understanding of what our family law clients are going through, and they do everything they can to make the process easy for our clients. 

Just Fund strives to empower people to access legal advice and help people going through family law issues by providing affordable solutions for clients to manage their family law legal fees.

How Does Legal Funding Work?

Legal funding such as Just Fund provides funding to pay the costs of conducting the client’s family law matter. The loans and funding that they provide can help family law clients with the costs of family law legal fees, barristers fees, court filing fees, valuations of property, mediation fees or any other costs that are associated with your family law matter. 

This takes some of the stress out of your family law matter as there are no expectations of repayment until the finalisation of your family law matter and only from the proceeds of sales of your property or a payout from a refinance of your property. 

This allows our clients the ability to level up the playing field by being able to engage family lawyers and get the best possible outcome. 

When Can You Apply For Legal Funding? 

Many clients apply for legal funding at the outset of their family law matters. Our team at Collective Family Law can assist you with your application and deal with Just Fund on your behalf once you have signed your costs agreement before we commence work. Or you can make the applciaton yourself through their website. 

Other family law clients choose to pay as they go rather than using legal funding options. However, family law matters can take time, and financial circumstances can change. Or maybe you would rather use the available funds you have on something else other than legal fees. 

We are happy to assist our clients with their application for legal funding at any time during their family law matter. If their circumstances change and they require funding, this is no problem.

If you have been holding back resolving your family law matter because you are concerned about how to pay for it, legal funding is an excellent option. 

Once you have the approved funding, you can start to resolve your family law matter with one of our skilled family lawyers. 

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