Divorce in Australia

Experienced Divorce Lawyers can get the process started.


You may not know what to do when you are facing divorce, but we will.

First and foremost, the law wants separating couples to exhaust all avenues before going to court for your family law matter.

To be sure of what those steps are or how you can achieve a fair and amicable resolution for your property division or parenting arrangements,  we can help you at Collective Family Law.



Our team is skilled family lawyers who will advise you on the Family Law Act, your family law entitlements, and obligations. Our family law solicitors can also assist you in negotiating the right outcomes for you and your children regarding property division and custody of your children.

Further, they will ensure that you close the door on your separation by providing that you have the correct documentation in place, allowing you to move on with certainty when it comes to property and parenting. Separation, divorce, and the negotiations required to reach final agreements take time, legal skills, and knowledge.

Having an experienced family lawyer on your team is key to ensuring that you have the right legal advice and get the outcome that you deserve in your family law matter.


At Collective Family Law we can assist you in a range of ways during your family law matter. These include:

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