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If you are contemplating separation, going through a separation, getting divorced, have any property with an ex-partner, or have children that you co-parent, it is likely at some point you may need services provided by family lawyers.

Collective Family Lawyers provides a comprehensive range of Family Law services to ensure clients are provided with expert family law legal advice in all family law and de facto law cases.

Some people going through separation only require documents such as Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement drafted. 

While other’s going through family law proceedings require a more intensive family law legal service such as having a family law solicitor negotiate on their behalf, receive comprehensive family law legal advice or even Court Proceedings in the Family Court.

We offer full family law services from our Gold Coast or Brisbane locations:

Collective Family Law Group provides a comprehensive range of family law services to ensure our Gold Coast and Brisbane family law clients are provided with expert legal advice. Whether a client needs the right legal documentation drafted to finalise their family law agreements, lawyer-assisted negotiations by one of our family law solicitors, family law advice when attending mediation, family law court proceedings or advice, we can assist you. 

Our team of family law solicitors are experts in complex family law matters, there is no family law issue too small or large. With the skills and knowledge of our legal team, we can manage any family law matter. 

Property Division
If you have any property to divide in your family law matter including a family home, investment properties, superannuation, cash or any other assets, you will need to do a property settlement.
Nothing is more important than your children and how they are going to be raised and spend their time after separation or divorce. We help you get the time you and your children deserve.
Final Documents
When you separate it is very important that you legally protect your assets and children by having the right legal documentation drafted by a family lawyer. Our family law solicitors are experts at drafting Consent Orders and Binding Financial Agreements.
We assist our clients through separation, right through to the finalisation of their divorce. This may include family law advice, negotiations, mediation, drafting documents or Family Court proceedings.

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Property Division
…Everyone deserves to have access to access to justice when it comes to their family law matters.


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Property Division

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