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Collective Family Lawyers are a group of experienced and affordable Family Law Solicitors on the Gold Coast and Divorce Lawyers Gold Coast providing expert family law advice, custody, prenup, property division, divorce, family court applications and appearances and de-facto separation advice and representation.

Experienced Family Law Solicitors Gold Coast

If you need family law solicitors on your team, Collective Family Law on the Gold Coast lawyers is the right choice for your family law needs after a long-term relationship breakdown. 

Whether you are contemplating separating or divorcing, have already separated, have a child custody dispute or have a family law property division dispute, our professional and experienced team of Gold Coast family lawyers can assist you. 

Can our team of family lawyers Gold Coast help you?

Our team of family lawyers Gold Coast have successfully represented thousands of clients over the past ten years. They are now the leading Gold Coast family law firm. The family law solicitors in the team are skilled, and compassionate and have represented clients in all areas of family law, including, property division, spousal maintenance, child custody, divorce, international child abduction, complex property settlements, superannuations splits, family court applications and consent orders.

We are located in Southport, Gold Coast, and can meet with family law clients in our family law firm office or via zoom. If our family law clients are not located on the Gold Coast, that is no problem, as we have represented people from all over Australia and the world. 

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Why choose Collective Family Law?

Our family law solicitors only practice family and divorce law, making them experts at family law, divorce and separation. 

Collective Family Law is a well-established and highly regarded family law firm and divorce lawyers on the Gold Coast. 

We have a highly skilled family law team and strict guidelines as to how we serve our family law clients and make their family law matters our priority. 

Our family law solicitors understand that our client’s family law issues are pressing and urgent for our clients. We train our family law solicitors to be excellent communicators and to ensure that our family law clients know what is happening on their property division or child custody matter at all times. 

As expert family lawyers Gold Coast, we promote resolving family law matters as quickly as possible and most often without Court proceedings. 

We offer free and reduced fee initial consultations so that our clients get to meet their family law solicitor without any financial risk before they engage our family law firm. 

We can represent you in court or help you settle without going to court.

Our family law solicitors pride themselves on getting our family law clients the results they deserve and as a result, our expert family law team receives positive reviews every month. 

We are conveniently located in Southport with three hours of free parking and a welcoming and friendly office space.

As expert family lawyers, we can assist family law clients in all aspects of family law. 

Our family lawyers and family law firm are well-connected with other experts in the industry that can assist and help our family law clients get the results that they deserve. 

At Collective Family Law, we have been practising family law exclusively for a long time. If you are not sure about choosing our family law firm to help you with your separation or divorce, our free, no-obligation family law consultation is a great way to see if our family law solicitors are the right fit for you. 

Not sure how to find a good family lawyer?

It can be overwhelming trying to find a family lawyer, especially if you have never needed to engage a family law solicitor before. If you are not sure about your family law rights or not sure if you need to consult a Gold Coast family lawyer, the best thing you can do is reach out and ask questions to inform yourself of your family law rights. 

If you do have questions, one of our Gold Coast family law team will be happy to assist you on 1300 225 393.

Sometimes all you will need in your family law matter is for an expert family law solicitor to point you in the right direction so that you can make the right decisions in your family law matter. 

We offer a free family law consultation for this exact reason. You can meet with one of our family lawyers Gold Coast to discuss your circumstances and concerns. They will give you free initial family law advice that can give you peace of mind. 

There is no obligation after your consultation to engage us at Collective Family Law. We will discuss all your options and the costs including the option of legal funding for family law matters. 

What is the mission of Collective Family Law?

We provide a family law service where our family law solicitors provide family law advice with compassion, and our clients leave our family law service with clarity and certainty. The three “C’s” of how we at Collective Family Law conduct all of our family law cases. 

It is our top priority and mission to ensure that every client receives the service that they deserve. Not only the best family law legal advice that they can get, but the small things that make all the difference, such as promptly returning phone calls, returning correspondence to the other side in a timely manner, ensuring that the family law matter keeps moving forward without delays to ensure that costs are kept as low as possible. 

We can tackle family law cases that are both small and simple right through to incredibly complex family law issues. 

What does a Family Lawyer Gold Coast Do?

You might realise that you need help in your family law matter but you are not sure exactly what a family law solicitor does for you if you are going through a divorce or family law dispute. 

Can a family law solicitor help you?

If you considering separation or have separated from your long-term relationship, it is very wise to receive initial family law advice from an experienced family law solicitor. It is best to seek family law advice for a family lawyer that specialises in this practice area, rather than a lawyer that practices lots of different areas of law. 

A family lawyer is a Solicitor who has a particular interest and skill in working in the practice area of family law. Family law solicitors often assist with advising on your family law rights and obligations, advising on your entitles in a property division or spousal maintenance application, assisting in getting full disclosure on a property division matter, advising clients on child custody arrangements, preparing and drafting consent orders, negotiating outcomes for family law clients regarding property and parenting, drafting court material, attending court, attending mediations and preparing clients for trial.

Good family lawyers are experienced in dealing with family law issues on a daily basis. Every family law matter is unique and family law solicitors will give advice specific to your own circumstances, ensure that your interests are protected, negotiate a settlement for you, and represent you in Court if needed. 

How much does a family lawyer cost in Australia?

We understand that most family law clients are concerned about how much a family lawyer will cost and what that means for them as they move through their family law matters.

When we represent our clients we always talk about family law costs and what the likely outcome will be if the client goes ahead with each step. Your family law costs need to be commercially sound and viable.  There should be a return on your investment when you are spending money of legal fees in your family law matter. 

We help our clients to reduce their costs by educating them about what steps they can take to reduce the overall cost of their family law matter. 

At Collective Family Law we also offer a range of payment options such as JustFund or Plenti. This allows our family law clients to not have further financial stress as they go through their family law process or family court process. 

Need more information about family law processes before you choose your Gold Coast family lawyers?

There is lots of information about family law in Australia and how the family law process is managed. We have lots of information on our website such as how to separate amicably, what the four-step process is, what consent orders are or how to pick a family law solicitor. 

You can also download our family law guide ‘Who Get’s What?’ here

For further information on family law, you can also visit the government website for family law here

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