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How To Choose The Correct Lawyer For Your Family Law Matter – Podcast Episode 28

Welcome to another episode of the Divorce Collective Podcast!

Choosing a lawyer can be very foreign, as it may be that you have never needed a lawyer before. It can be natural to worry about engaging a lawyer, what they will do to help you, what their fees are going to be, and whether they will suit you or not.  Don’t worry; we have got you! Today, Caralee will run you through the top tips when retaining a lawyer for your family law matter.

1. Go to a law firm that SPECIFICALLY practises in family law!

There are many lawyers, but they don’t all practise family law. We think that it is really important that when you retain a lawyer, you choose an expert in a specific area. At Collective Family Law, we are a law firm that only practises family law, so we know exactly what we are doing and work with hundreds of clients each year.

2.  Find a lawyer by looking at Google or referral

When you go to Google, you can look up lawyers’ star ratings, reviews, and often an idea of who they are and what they have studied. Having a referral is excellent. However, you may not know anyone that knows a family lawyer. If you do – trust an excellent recommendation!

3. Interview the lawyer before you retain them

Often law firms will offer an initial consultation so that you can receive initial advice and also get a feel for who the lawyer is and if you want to work with them. If you don’t feel comfortable with the lawyer you are with, or perhaps you don’t quite understand what they are saying – go and speak with another one! There are many incredible lawyers out there for you to settle with a mediocre one! It’s your family, your money & your future, so it is essential that you are 100% happy with them.

4. Align your values with the lawyer you choose

Different lawyers have different styles. Some lawyers are all about putting their gloves on and getting to court ASAP. Whereas others are more collaborative, try to resolve the matter outside of court, for example. Think about what your values are, and ensure they align with your potential future lawyer.

5. Go with your gut!

It doesn’t matter how much experience or how many plaques are placed on their wall. What matters is whether or not you feel safe, comfortable and you trust this person. Go with your gut!

6. Ensure you feel listened to and valued

There is nothing worse than being talked at rather than to. If you don’t understand something, you need to be able to communicate that with your lawyer and for them to listen and explain to you what is going on in your matter.

If you got value from this week’s episode, leave us a review!  Until next time, you have got this!


Meet us to talk about your family law issues before committing to paying for any legal fees. We believe that this way, you can see if you are comfortable with our team and the legal strategy that we propose prior to making a financial commintment.