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There is nothing more difficult than going through a separation or divorce.

Whether you are going through a difficult separation or heading for divorce, needing to secure your assets and protect your finances or want more time with your children, our Cleveland Family Lawyers can assist you.

At Collective Family Lawyers Cleveland, we are focused on providing you with trusted advice and quality family law representation, as well as excellent service.

We want every client to leave our family law firm satisfied that the advice and representation they received has delivered the best possible result for them to live the next chapter of their life with financial confidence.


We understand that taking the first step of phoning a Family Lawyer after separation can be overwhelming and challenging. However, the best step forward is to inform and arm yourself with the family law legal advice you need to confidently move forward. At Collective Family Law, we are confident that our family law firm has the best family lawyers in the Cleveland area to advocate for you and your family. 

We offer free 45-minute initial consultations with our family lawyers. These meetings, as all of our communications with our clients, are confidential and conducted in person at the Cleveland family law office or online. At Collective Family Law, we are proud to specialise in family law, divorce law and defacto law. Our focus is to get our clients the best possible results for their family law matter and to finalise their matter so that our client is protected and can move on with their lives sooner. 

We offer all services in relation to family law matters in Australia:

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What will you get during your free family law 45-minute consultation?

Once you have booked in for your free consultation with one of our Cleveland family law solicitors, you will be sent an email confirming the family law solicitors you have been allocated, the time and date and with a request to fill out a short questionnaire. 

We have designed this questionnaire so that your free family law consultation can be used to receive as much quality family law legal advice rather than your lawyer using the time to fact find. At the end of the family law consultation, we will advise you what your next steps will be and advise you of the costs if you want to engage your Cleveland family law solicitor. Please note that the consultation is a no cost or obligation for you to retain us as your family lawyers. The consultation is 100% complementary and is for 45-minutes.

What will it cost you if you retain our Cleveland family law firm?

After your free initial consultation at the Cleveland Family Law Firm, you will have the option to engage us to help you with your family law matter. It is one of the main focuses that we can meet your cost expectations, and therefore, we will provide you with a costs agreement so that you fully understand what your family law legal fees will be. Every family law situation is different, and fees and how you pay can vary. At Collective Family Law, we can offer pay-as-you-go, fixed fee pricing and legal funding.  

We have a large team of family lawyers, and as such, we can offer a range of rates for each of our family lawyers. If your matter is complex, you may need to retain a senior family law solicitor. However, if your matter is straightforward, we could offer you a family law solicitor at a much lower rate. 

If you would like to take advantage of a free consultation with one of the best Cleveland Family Lawyers, please call our office on 1300 225 393, fill out our online enquiry form or book straight into the online calendar system. If you choose this option, you can choose your Cleveland Family Lawyer and a time that suits your schedule.

Family Law Negotiations

In family law, negotiations are often very difficult, complex and full of emotion. An experienced family law firm that has successfully negotiated thousands of the best family law results for clients is worth its weight in gold. In your family law proceedings, experienced family law solicitors will work hard to achieve “win-win” results for separating couples. Successful family law negotiations must start with outstanding communication, this is not always possible without an experienced family law solicitor. 

As family lawyers, we are tasked to negotiate on behalf of clients their most precious life savings and assets or how their children will spend their time. It is wise not to leave these negotiations to chance and instead engage only the best family law firm in Cleveland and the Bayside area. 

Family law negotiations can be done in many ways, including correspondence to the other side, speaking with the other side’s family lawyers, round table conferences or mediations. Even during family law court proceedings, there is plenty of opportunities to negotiate better outcomes than you would get in your family law matter if it went to a trial. 

If you want a Cleveland family lawyer to be on your side and negotiate positive outcomes for you and your family law issues, Collective Family Law is your premium choice. 

Property Division
If you have any property including a family home, investment properties, superannuation, cash or any other assets, you will need to do a property settlement.
Nothing is more important than your children and how they are going to be raised and spend their time. We help you get the time you and your children deserve.
Final Documents
When you separate it is very important that you legally protect your assets and children by having the right legal documentation drafted by a family lawyer.
We assist our clients through separation, right through to the finalisation of their divorce. This may include negotiations, mediation or court proceedings.

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